About Us

MMA Architects is a design-focused practice offering a personal client friendly service. Our policy is to promote innovative and energy efficient architectural design to all clients. A deserved reputation in quality architecture and personal service has allowed the practice to grow since its foundation in 2007.

Our philosophy is to tailor designs to the individual needs of our clients. In every project we undertake, we draw on over 30 years of diverse experience in planning and construction to maximise the unique potential that a site has to offer. The practice consistently strives to exceed current buildings standards in construction and in particular energy efficiency and construction stage inspections.

Our Practice

MMA Architects are a progressive practice, and are at the forefront of BIM (Building Information Modelling) in Ireland having implemented Revit Architecture software in our office since 2007. The practice is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of construction in order to ensure the best service possible for our clients.

MMA Architects Profiles

Mel McGerr


Registered Architect
BRE BIM Approved Professional
Certified Passive House Designer

Patrick Murphy


BRE BIM Approved Professional
Certified Passive House Designer

Blair Adamson


Registered Architect
Certified Passive House Designer
Accreditation in Conservation Grade 3

Awards and Accreditations

RIAI Practice Member 2019

MMA Architects Services

  • Architectural services
  • Planning applications
  • Bespoke house design
  • Domestic extensions
  • Commercial and large scale residential
  • Construction and tender drawings
  • Tender negotiation
  • EPA Site Suitability Assessments to EPA 2009 (Percolation Tests)
  • Site appraisal and feasibility studies
  • Electronic topographical and contour surveys
  • Construction stage inspections
  • Mortgage Stage Payment Certification
  • Certificates of Compliance with Planning and Building Regulations
  • Declarations of Identity
  • Land Transfer maps
  • Assigned Certifier
  • Design Certifier
  • PSDP (Project Superviser Design Process)
  • BIM
  • Passive House Design
  • Conservation Grade 3 Architect
  • Legal Reports
  • Housebuyer Reports